Blackpages is an online enterprise and supplier development portal connecting big business to smaller black enterprises to transform procurement in South Africa. In addition, meaningful development assistance is provided to Blackpages members via online learning, mentoring and financing platforms.


Hosted on the Supply Chain Network infrastructure, Blackpages is an efficient procurement interface on the market, achieving transformation as it links big business to 100% black-owned enterprises. Procurement professionals now have a tool, aided by ease of navigation, through which they can quickly search, filter and locate approved suppliers listed on the Blackpages database.

Our new Enterprise and Supplier Development Handbook provides a concise and one of a kind guide to the new B-BBEE codes and how they will impact business and individuals. The Handbook also lays out in detail how Black Umbrellas can assist individuals and businesses, across the economic landscape, in handling the implementation of the new codes in a positive and impactful way. Ultimately, Black Umbrellas, and this Handbook, seek to prove that the new B-BBEE Codes can have a positive impact across the board – whether you are a corporate seeking to manage them, or a small business seeking to benefit.


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